“A spectacular location. It was a great bunch of company to keep with Lee Ritenour, Pat Metheny and the great rhythm section players who accompany their bands. If you’re a guitar player, you could get lot of just about everything you’d want. It was a really great experience. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I actually look forward to coming back.”Robben Ford - Blues guitar legend and five-time Grammy nominee, Crown Artist in Residence 2013
“This is my first opportunity to come out to the Crown of the Continent Workshop and Festival and it’s just been a blast! The whole thing has been wonderful. The food, the fellowship, the music and the scenery and the location. You couldn’t beat any of this. What I have found to be unique to this festival is the total accessibility of everybody here. Anybody that plays guitar, you’re doing yourself a disservice not to come and try this out. You just have to come and I recommend that everybody does, but leave space for me because I’m coming back!”Mac McAnnally - Country singer/songwriter, member Songwriter’s Hall of Fame, CMA Musician of the
Year award five straight times, Crown Artist in Residence 2013
“This is like a guitar player’s dream. This festival, this workshop, just being here.”Patty Larkin - Guitar-driven singer-songwriter, Crown Artist in Residence 2012
“This festival is all about people who love guitars and get together in a single place and share their love of Music.”Workshop Participant 2011
“Oh, I think you’re going to have plenty of people who are going to jump at the chance to do this. It is something very unique.”Pat Metheny - Multiple Grammy-winning jazz guitarist and Crown Artist in Residence 2010, 2013
“It’s kind of a week of paradise. That’s how I’d describe it.”Workshop Participant 2012
“Everybody, the faculty, the organizers, the students, the audience are just here just to soak up nature, music and to renew their spirit.”Scott Tennant - Grammy-winning classical guitarist, Crown Artist in Residence 2010, 2011, 2013
“It’s the cross pollination of it all that you don’t have an opportunity to do very often because up until recently there was not an event like this. You can sit and have dinner with a guy from Boston that plays blues and right next door is a guy that comes to study classical.”Joe Bonamassa - Blues guitar virtuoso and singer/songwriter, multi-award winner and Grammy nominee
Crown Artist in Residence 2011
“It’s truly the Masters of Guitar that hang out together and you have coffee with every morning like they’re your buddies.”Workshop Participant 2013
“I’ve come to a lot of singer/songwriter workshops, and I’m surprised at how much fun it is here.”David Wilcox - Guitarist/singer/songwriter, Crown Artist in Residence 2011
“I’ve had a really positive experience here, made friends for life, and I want to come back!”Steve Lukather - Grammy-winning rock guitarist, Crown Artist in Residence 2011
“The instructors are such quality musicians, and the most patient people in the world. The concerts at night are the icing on the cake.”Mike Wickham, Florida - Advanced Rock Student 2013
“To work on and talk about music on this level is always something special. But to have it happen in a place like this just makes it incredible, sort of unbelievably good. It’s the right size, and you’ve got an incredible staff. I think you could pretty much lay with this blueprint and you sort of got it.”Pat Metheny - Multiple Grammy-winning jazz guitarist and Crown Artist in Residence 2010, 2013
“I wasn’t expecting the workshops to be as amazing as they were (and my expectations were high!) Also, the friendliness of all the staff, faculty, and students far exceeded my expectations.”Victoria Bennett, Montana - Classical Guitar Student 2013
“It’s so great to be at a place like this, a happening like this, where there’s so many styles, and I think everybody gets so much more out of that.”Scott Tennant - Grammy-winning classical guitarist, Crown Artist in Residence 2010, 2011, 2013
“The Lodge, the Faculty, the Artists, the quality of the students, the level of interaction across the board, the environment and the vibe….oh yes and the concerts were all top notch!”Nick Porcaro, New Jersey - The Performing Musician Student 2013